Hypercliq Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge Discovery

Design and Development of Custom Knowledge Management and Knowledge Discovery cloud platforms developed over a comprehensive infrastructure for flexible Data Organisation and easily customisable discovery functionality.

Typical application areas include Knowledge Management and Discovery in large historic Product Development data in sports goods, fashion and other consumer product industries, but the concept and the tools can easily be deployed in any other industrial application area.

Design and Product Development data of commercial products is typically organised in PLM systems; however, experience has shown that a large amount of valuable knowledge acquired during New Product Development (material tests, experimentation with new processes, testing of experimental product samples, etc) is usually scattered in various desktop applications or in the designers and engineers memory (expert knowledge). This valuable knowledge cannot be easily structured according to the standard Product Lifecycle Management data models, being the outcome of inherently unstructured trial and error experimental processes.

Our new Engineering Knowledge Management platform developed in the framework of the Sport Infinity project is a cloud based platform collecting and providing access to detailed knowledge on new product samples, materials, and their properties, new manufacturing processes, and their correlations with required product morphology and properties. Its advanced search capabilities as well as a series of data analysis tools are key product innovation enablers.

Knowledge Sharing

Development and Maintenance of Knowledge sharing and communication platforms offering holistic solutions in product and applications knowledge management in enterprises, groups of companies and communities.

The knowledge we acquired through our participation in the EASY-IMP European project, the partnership with key players in the ICT and innovative wearables domain are crucial assest for our team.

We can offer this expertise in the form of services related to the development of communities, collaborative development platforms, and marketplaces for innovative components and products.

Indicative examples include:

  • The creation of dedicated electronic marketplaces for wearables and other similar complex meta-products (all kinds of medical or lifestyle wearables, sensor networks and IoT components).
  • Offering of customised User Profiling and Product Configuration and Product Recommendation services, which can be embedded or extend existing e-commerce platforms.
Hypercliq Knowledge Sharing
Hypercliq Innovative Consulting

Innovation Consulting

We offer professional consulting for the conception, analysis, design and implementation of IT innovation in a wide range of business and industrial sectors. In addition we can offer consulting on research funding opportunities to allow your organisation to reach it’s full potential through innovation.

Holistic IT Solutions

Knowledge Discovery and Sharing.