Hypercliq Knowledge Discovery

Data Management Platforms

Developed over a comprehensive infrastructure for flexible Data Organisation and easily customisable knowledge discovery functionality (following the micro-services paradigm where functionalities are split into self-contained web services communicating over the network).

Typical application areas include Data Management and Discovery in large historic data related to product development, customer profiling, personalisation of services and more.

Our new Sustainable Design Data Management platform developed in the framework of the groundbreaking Sport Infinity project lead by Adidas, is a cloud based platform collecting and providing access to detailed knowledge on new product samples, materials, and their engineering properties, new manufacturing processes, and their correlations with required product morphology and properties including Sustainability Parameters e.g. environmental footprint, recyclability etc. Its advanced search capabilities as well as a series of data analysis tools are key product innovation enablers.

Other applications of our platform include collection, structuring and processing of data coming from IoT systems e.g. wearable sensors. In this area we have a proven track record of innovation demonstrated by our participation in the Easy-IMP and BIONIC European Research & Development projects.

Data Analysis & Visualisation

Development of intelligent IT solutions applying machine learning and predictive analytics enabling the extraction and visualisation of new knowledge from data.

We can offer this expertise in the form of services related to the development of applications providing insight in large datasets enabling the extraction of new knowledge and value as well supporting informed decisions

Indicative examples of applications we have created include:

  • Customised User Profiling, Product Configuration and Product Recommendation services, which can be embedded or extend existing e-commerce platforms.
  • Decision support application for Sustainable Product Development through the statistical analysis of engineering trials results and samples properties (linked to our Product Design Knowledge Management platform described above).
  • Analysis of 3D body scans for various uses in the apparel development sector (virtual avatars, fit prediction, clothing size charts automation).
  • Fitness and health monitoring applications using data collected through wearable sensors.
Hypercliq Knowledge Sharing
Hypercliq Innovative Consulting

Innovation Consulting

We offer professional consulting for the conception, analysis, design and implementation of IT innovation in a wide range of business and industrial sectors. In addition we can offer consulting on research funding opportunities to allow your organisation to reach it’s full potential through innovation.

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers”


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