EUROFIT is an intensive R&D project with the vision to unleash the huge potential contained in the increasing number of databases of 3D body scans for the European consumer goods’ industries.
New technologies for the gathering, storage and analysis of anthropometric data (i.e. 3D scanners) have boosted the availability of digital anthropometric resources. Since 1999, over 16 large-scale national body scanning surveys have been conducted around the world (six in Europe) gathering 3D shape data from over 120,000 subjects (~50,000 Europeans). The availability of these data pools has created the opportunity to exploit shape information beyond current 1D-measurement use.

Funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Program (FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL), the project’s overall aim is to implement an online platform and an open framework that enables:

  • Designers and industrialists to draw useful shape information and use it in their product development processes in an easy and direct way
  • Database owners to pool the data they already hold and obtain revenues from its exploitation
  • Third party IT companies to develop new services to reuse pooled data in unforeseen ways

Hypercliq’s Role

  • Development of an 3D Shape anthropometric data analysis application
  • Data Quality Algorithms
  • Technical Coordination

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